What’s wrong with this picture?

Lots of things, that’s what! I’m here in Anaheim, right down the road from Disneyland. Without my kids. Not only that, but I’m close to the beaches, and close to the mountains, but can’t get to them.

I’m here to cover a conference for my biggest client, which means I’ll be spending most of my waking hours sitting in boring riveting sessions. I chose not to rent a car because I’ll only be here a few days and my time is so committed to the conference that it really wouldn’t make sense.

It’s hard to be somewhere that my kids would love, but not be able to take them. It’s also hard to be so near to trail running–my favorite kind, those with wide-open vistas. Kind of cruel, I think! Instead, I’ll be getting up very early (trying to stay on East Coast time) and running around the roads here near Disney, looking at traffic instead of mountains. I’ll survive.

There are some bright points to this trip, however. For one, a long flight yesterday, all by myself! I got to write an article, finish a book, watch a movie, and take a nap. It’s also nice to have some time to myself, even if most of it is taken up in a conference.

On the foot front, I am happy to say my foot is feeling really good. I had a completely pain-free run yesterday. I think the exercises I am doing are helping. I also found some cute sandals that seem to treat my feet really well. For other PF sufferers, check out NAOT shoes–they’re not cheap, but they are cute and my feet love them, so worth it as far as I am concerned!

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  1. MCM Mama says

    Bummer that you are there without the kids. My husband went to Orlando for a week this spring and I was bummed the kids and I couldn't go.

    Glad your foot is feeling better.

  2. Matty O says

    I do the same thing with sticking to east coast time when we travel west. Just easier in the long run. Sucks running just after the bars close out there though, interesting characters on the street!

  3. ShutUpandRun says

    Oh those solo plane flights are nice, but I get what you mean about being somewhere w/o your kids that you know they would love!! Someday you can bring them with you. Glad the foot is okay and you'er able to do some pain free running.

  4. wendy_kresha@charter.net says

    Time alone is so nice, but I can totally understand how you feel about being there without the kids. Glad your foot is feeling better, have a great conference!

  5. ModernMom says

    Oh that is some kind of cruel joke….just be creful not to get any of those Disney theme songs stuck in your head and you will be ok!
    Enjoy your "me" time!

  6. Johann says

    Ending up there without your kids is definitely a bummer. Running in any different environment is usually fun anyway, so I hope you can enjoy some nice runs there.

  7. NY Wolve says

    I have been to California twice in last month and not run either time. Makes me just so jealous for all the people who live there!

  8. Running and living says

    This is the best part about conferences, the time for yourself. For me, after a couple of days, I miss my family too much. Glad the foot is better. Also check out orthoheel, I did a review a while back, email them and they may send you some to review since you actually have foot issues!

  9. Runner Mama says

    Well, at least you've got a positive attitude! I'm also a fan of Naot shoes. My husband hates the look of them, but they are the most comfortable shoes. And they last so long.

  10. Ewa says

    Enjoy the conference if possible.
    Too bad you can't hit the trails. CA vistas are great. Any runners at the conference with cars? :)
    Hope your weather down south is a bit better than what we have here in SF Bay area. It is windy and they promise rains.

  11. Viper says

    Such is life on the conference trail. Enjoy your street run and your fascinating sessions. I hope there is free coffee. (And an open-bar welcome reception.) Cheers!

  12. Barefoot AngieB says

    How great that you were able to run pain free!! Wonderful and yet that is a bummer to be so close to cool things and yet not able to partake.
    Have a great flight back :)

  13. Molly says

    Happy to hear your foot is feeling better…I live in my Birkenstocks to deal with my feet issues.

    And did you say nap?!

  14. Caratunk Girl says

    Yeah for a pain free run! WOOT. I hope it stays that way! I bet it is tough to be away from the kids when you are at a place you know they would love.

  15. Jill says

    I have a hard time going away to places without my kids, too; I always know they'd have a blast. But enjoy your time with no one tugging at your shirt for a few days :). And soo glad your foot pain is better!!

  16. Steel Springs says

    It's too bad that the family can't be there to enjoy the location…or that you don't have time to enjoy it more yourself. I hope your week goes well. Yeah for a pain-free foot!

  17. Laura says

    Aww too bad your so close and not able to enjoy it! You'll have to make an excuse to go back with your children :-)

  18. Petraruns says

    I can imagine your frustration at your less than ideal situation but you're making the most of it which is great to see. Delighted the PF is backing off a bit and isn't it nice sometimes to be able to just be by yourself on a plane? Switched off?

  19. Emz says

    I feel like a rockstar! A comment from MissZ?!?! YAY! love your blog. so inspiring and informative!

  20. Rad Runner says

    And look at the weather really?! Its supposed to be all sunny and happy for you! Maybe the weather is sad, because your bummed (because you don't have your cubs).. Now when I say "oh it was a LOVELY CA. DAY!" your going to laugh and say "ya right"

  21. Nicole Joy says

    Ooh thanks for the shoe recommendation. Ive got a little footy that likes to act up. I'll check those out. :)

  22. Marlene says

    I hope the conference isn't too boring and that you can get out for some nice miles in a new area, even if it's not on the trails.

  23. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Welcome to the world of boring ass conferences! I visit this place often and it never changes, always boring and for some reason extremely exhausting!!

  24. Anabela (Bela) Neves says

    OMG I would sneak an afternoon at least into Disney 😉 I am a Disney fanatic and to be that close and not go would kill me….LOL

  25. Tara says

    Kudos to a PAIN free run! That sounds awesome. You know what, enjoy your time away and alone. ……although an afternoon at Disney would be fun. :)

  26. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    I am happy to hear that your foot is not bugging you and you are running pain free! It has been so long since we have been to California for Disney…we will have to go again sometime within the next few years for my four year old:)

    So what is it like to have enough time to write an article, read a book and watch a movie? Just curious:) Have a good one Zippy!

  27. Candice @ I Have Run says

    Glad the foot is feeling better.

    Try to enjoy the little perks of being away. I can't remember the last time I got that much done!

  28. Staci Dombroski says

    The favorite part of my trip away was riding the plane by myself. I had not done that in over 5 years :) Have a great time!!

  29. Cynthia O'H says

    A trip without kids! Enjoy it – even if it is work. Glad to hear that your foot is feeling better. You're smart to pamper your feet with better shoes; that's the only part of my wardrobe that I don't shop for bargains but shop for quality and fit.

  30. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says

    Ahhh, it WOULD be hard to be at Disneyland sans the family!! and i have to tell ya, if you can run the streets surrounding it…then you can run in any international smog infested town!

    and thanks for the NAOH tip…will check em out…maybe you can get a shoe review??;-)