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AJH over at Age Groups Rock tagged me with the Versatile Blogger, which means I am supposed to reveal seven random things about myself. So, here goes:

1. I am a creature of habit to a fault
2. I can’t garden worth a damn, which is one good reason I belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture)
3. I grew up on a nice, natural lake in NE Ohio. My younger brother was able to swim the 1/2 mile across it at age 6; I think it took me until age 9.
4. At said lake I learned to bait hooks, take fish off a hook, but not clean them. I caught a 2-lb. bass when I was 8 and then got mad at my parents for not letting me have it mounted!
5. I love going to bed early (I’m old before my time)
6. I’m pretty sure I was meant to live in the southwest; someday I’ll get there permanently.
7. I could live quite easily without a TV.

So…who hasn’t been tagged yet? If you’re among the first five to comment, please considered yourself tagged.

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  1. Velma says

    Does this mean I am tagged :) I just started with a CSA as I don't have a big eneugh garden to keep the family in good veggies. I love to go to bed early – particularly in winter when it is dark.

  2. Dash says

    haha! My dad loved to fish and as a child, besides fishing, I used to have to fillet/descale, de-bone and behead our catches. We buried the heads under the tomato plants in his garden, because they were (supposedly) great fertilizer. Or my dad was unnecessarily cruel and got a kick out of torturing his daughters. I still hate most fish. LOVE going to bed early. 😉 TGIF!

  3. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says

    rut-ro, i'm number 4 so tag i'm it! can totally relate to 1-i'm such a creature of habit that when things get off track, i get a huge headache, also #2-i can kill a cactus, #6-not that i love going to bed early but it's a must if i expect to be up by 4:15 to get my party started and definitely #7-could very easily live without a TV but definitely not the internet. Have an awesome weekend Amanda!

  4. Big Daddy Diesel says

    1- so am I, I am not good with change, esp sudden change.
    2- I can garden, Grandpa was a farmer, and my parents would send us boys in the summer to help him out.
    3- I am from above you in Michigan
    4- I can do all of that but bait, I know, i suck, I hate baiting.
    5- Me too, because 5am comes way to quick if you dont
    6 – HA- I moved from the southwest because I couldnt take the heat
    7- Me too, but I at least need a radio

    I guess that makes me #5

  5. MCM Mama says

    I always joke that I have a black thumb. Good thing I can use my very shady yard as an excuse. ;o)

  6. Kenley says

    Love Number 7. The tv for me seems to be more of an interruption than anything. Thanks for sharing the other stuff.

  7. Rad Runner says

    I relate with #1 HIGHLY AND FULLY and #2 aswell, BUT! I say BUT! my mom gave me a succulent clipping (cactus-ish) from her hard, it multiplied like bunnies on a spring day, and I know have a little corner of cactus that I am working on.. Give it a try :)

  8. ShutUpandRun says

    I'm impressed you could swim a half mile at age nine!!! I love these fun random facts about you.

  9. Barefoot AngieB says

    I love the southwest! The mountains of New mexico especially around Las Vegas NM are lovely!

    1/2 mile is farther than I can swim at 33!!

    Love getting to know you better :)

  10. Julie says

    Hi Zippy,
    I ama huge fan of learning fun random facts about fellow bloggers:) I can hardly keep the few house plants that I have alive. Maybe when we are older and retired we will have the time for fancy gardens:)

    I could live without TV too….as long as I can rent a movie every now and then:) As far as the swimming, you were a better swimmer than me when you were eight than I am now! I suck at swimming:( Have a great weekend!

  11. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says

    Great list.

    I am a creature of habit too. And because of that, I go to bed early (or as early as the kids will let me!)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says

    Great list! I actually love to garden, and if I could I would grow most of my own veggies and herbs! I've thought about joining a CSA, but just haven't gotten around to it.

  13. Laura says

    I can't garden either, I kill plants, I don't know what on earth I do but they don't like it.. it's a running joke in my family not to let me near plants :S

  14. Christina says

    I too love to go to bed early. I get grumpy if I have to stay up past 11pm. Imagine how grumpy I am at new years.

  15. Denise says

    just found your blog! i'm with you on # 5…i love going to bed early. it's 8pm right now and i'm heading up!