Top 10 reasons to love spring running

1. Shorts or skirts
2. Beautiful scenery
3. No gloves or hats needed
4. More like-minded people out and about
5. The sun comes up earlier and stays out later
6. More races to choose from
7. Hitting the track
8. Summer, and the potential to run on the beach, is just around the corner
9. The smell of sunscreen
10. Sitting outside, enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, post-run

What do you like about spring running?

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  1. Johann says

    I agree with your list 100%. Spring running is great! I love the smell of flowers and the crispness of the air on early morning runs.

  2. Molly says

    Love all these reasons….but I like it the most because you don't freeze your butt off because it's winter, and you don't roast because it's summer!

  3. Teamarcia says

    Ah there's nothing better than spring running after a tough winter!
    I love smelling fragrant flowers/trees, hearing birds and running streams.

  4. ShutUpandRun says

    There are so many things I love, and you hit the nail on the head with all of them… I love listening to the birds as I run, shedding the layers.

  5. Ewa says

    Smell of sunscreen??? I would not have thought of that but everything else +1.
    Spring to me is like getting new life but then what am I so excited about? I live in San Franciso Bay Area, we don't get winters here no matter what people say.

  6. Kenley says

    I love your 10 reasons of Spring Running. And the smell of sun screen is awesome. I have to make sure I put a good amount on my head. lol. THe weather is nice and not too hot also. THere is another reason. When you are outside, and on the trail by yourself, you can let go and not worry of offending your fellow treadmill neighbor at the gym with any smells or whatever. lol. Take care. Keep Running and writing. Love it.

  7. Rad Runner says

    Oh my, wonderful post, made my Thursday morning that much better! Thank you! I cant wait to run after work today (thanks to number 5) oh and about number 9…Kinesys "girl smell" holy smokes, new great discovery!

  8. Jill says

    I know what I DON'T like: allergies. :/
    I like getting out of the winter doldrums. Thanks for all the reminders that spring is here…and I can't wait to get out there!! :)

  9. Runner Mama says

    I LOVE Spring and Fall running! Personally, I love feeling the crisp-yet warm breeze on my face. I also love wearing thinner layers and not worrying about ice spots on the road.

  10. Maryland Girl aka Michelle says

    I enjoyed listening to a woodpecker drumming away yesterday evening while I ran. It was echoing through the trees. First time I had ran without my ipod in a while. It was nice!

  11. Pam F. says

    Haha! Great post! And while I agree with most of these things, I just published a counter to this post, Top 10 Reasons to Hate Spring Running. I think I, too, raise some valid points. 😉

  12. Char says

    I prefer Autumn to Spring trunning. Our Spring is almost non-existent. We might get a week of beautiful weather and it's straight on to Summer. I'm not much of a fan of Summer

  13. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    For me, spring is actually tough running. As the temps rise, I struggle, but so far this spring it has been great, which is weird for me. Any whoo, I do love the flowers in bloom, and all of the new green everywhere. It's beautiful!

  14. LMC says

    I love running in warm weather. So, I long for Spring in the winter time. I am so happy when it finally arrives and brings warm weather, tons of flowers, the birds all start chirping (looking for mates) and running feels awesome again. The pollen bothers me (lots of sneezing, itching, coughing,etc..), but I would take that over cold weather any day!!!

  15. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says

    great post! I have a much better appreciation for warm weather now more than ever before. this was our coldest winter in over 25 years. not something a floridian is used to. anyway, i'm very thankful for warmer weather, the smell of orange blossoms, and being able to log an average of 250 miles/wk on the bike.

  16. Tara says

    I love to hear the birds sing early in the morning and see all the trees blossum w/ flowers and new leaves.

  17. Lorian says

    Well, since I live in the Houston area, I prefer winter running. It is cold and dry. The sprint is always questionable. Right now it seems to be windy all the time. The temps and humidity are slowly creeping to the 80s. Springtime here isn't very long, as summer elbows its way in way too quickly. That's why I prefer winter running in Houston.

  18. ajh says

    I like fewer clothes. I like more races for sure. I like that more people are out and the bike path is passable!

  19. Jennifer says

    Less cloths needed, all the spring colors, seeing more people out, and being able to sweat as much as needed without feeling chilled.