Awash in shoes

I’ve had a nice, easy week of running to recover from my 10-miler last weekend. I didn’t run at all on Mon. or Tues, but eased back into it on Wednesday. I did a nice swim on Monday–such good recovery–and an easy trainer/strength workout on Tues. By Thursday’s run, my legs were feeling pretty good. On Saturday I went 14 with my friends. Most of us had done Cherry Blossom the week before and I think we still felt the effects by the last few miles. Maybe it was just the fact that we hadn’t run that long in a couple of weeks, or maybe it was our pace, which was probably a bit too fast!

Anyhow, this weekend concluded our three-week shoe drive to collect shoes for Soles4Souls. This organization takes donated shoes and doles them out across 125 different third-world countries. We organized our drive through our running club and collected literally hundreds of pairs of shoes. You can see my little helper standing with me next to the pile of shoes!

Fortunately, several of my running partners came over on Sunday afternoon (thank you Pat, Janelle, Jess and Dorothy) to help me tie laces together and load up boxes for shipping. It’s a big task, but many hands make light work! This week we’ll ship the shoes off to the soles4souls warehouse in Alabama and then they’ll go on to the country they designate as in need. The whole project was really quite easy. You simply let soles4souls know how many collection boxes you need, get the word out, and then collect your shoes. Most runners have several old pairs sitting around that they’re happy to part with. If you have any interest in doing something similar, go to the web site to get the details–

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m two posts away from my 100th, so I’m coming up with something fun to mark it–stay tuned!

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  1. ajh says

    Great project. I have passed on lots of shoes. Lately I take them to work and the PE teacher passes them on to local kids who need them. I love it when they get used.
    Off to watch Boston! :)

  2. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says

    What a great cause. I've heard of it and think that's just an awesome idea. I need to look at the website you posted for it b/c i have so many running shoes i don't use (some are brand new and didn't quite work for me) that need a good home. And some of the one's that are deemed too old for running in are still in great shape for someone in need of shoes. Makes me feel much better than throwing them in the garbage.
    Good job on the 14 miler Saturday. I'm itching to bump up my mileage…patience grasshopper!!

  3. Stacey says

    What a great project. I always hate to just throw my old shoes away. I am going to look into doing a shoe drive here. Have a great week.

  4. Johann says

    That is a great project. Well done for collecting so many shoes. Here in South Africa we have numerous projects for the needs of Africa. I must say in general runners are great when it comes to giving. Have a good week!

  5. Laura (also known as Angel31!) says

    That sounds like a fantastic project, so many people just dispose of their old shoes without thinking they could still be put to good use.

  6. Alison B., "Runbuggy" says

    I never heard of soles4shoes. What a great idea! I usually either toss mine out if they're REALLY banged up, or donate them with my old clothes to the Lupus Foundation. I'll definitely check out the website!

  7. Genesis says

    what a great cause. do they only take running shoes? i could have donated the bag full of heels that i gave to goodwill…

  8. Kenley says

    It is amazing, I am finding out, that you might really want to run, but your legs are telling you that you need an extra day or so to recover. Great post on that concept MissZippy. That is also a great mission as far as the shoes go. If only I would have known about it before I tossed my old ones away. That is an awesome cause. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Big Daddy Diesel says

    I have donated to them, good organization

    – I hear you on the label triathletes get. Its sorta funny, I always wondered by single sport people dont always care for us, and I am learning why.

    The main reason I applied for this bike team was so I can enjoy the bike and make it fun again, not just redline and feel like I am going to fall over when I am done. Oh well, still love the sport.

    I know some of the riders in that tri group, next time I see them, I will say Hi and have a little talk with them, nice talk, dont want to be rude or mean.

  10. LMC says

    Great project, excellent cause. I have some shoes that I can definitely donate. I just found (Google) a local Fleet Feet Sports store that's collecting shoes for soles4souls. I'll take mine there. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says

    I love that shoe program! Good for you for taking time to do it! My local running store always has a donation bin there that I dump my old shoes in.

  12. Rad Runner says

    Way to cooL! I love that you guys did that! Its such an amazing program! I donated a lot not to long ago to sport chalet when they had the collection going, they had so many donations it was piling up in store because the back was full! P.S. very cute pic! :)

  13. AM-GoalsfortheWeek! says

    What a great thing you did. I'm inspired. wow.

    AND SO fun to see a cute picture of you! i only 'know' you via your blog profile photo. Here, you're dolled up and look so cute!;-)

    I want to look into this shoe program. thanks for the info.

  14. Anne says

    What a great cause…I love knowing that someone can benefit from something I don't use anymore. You are awesome and inspiring!

  15. MCM Mama says

    Man, I think you are fairly local to me. I think I could have given you a bunch of shoes! Ah, well, next time. Good job!

  16. Tara says

    You know, I was just looking through my closet at all of my leftover shoes and wondering if there was a place where I could drop them off to be recycled or reused. I wonder if there is a drive like yours in Denver.

    Cute pic of you and your little helper! :)

  17. Cynthia O'H says

    Great idea. I use to keep old shoes for the kids at school, but with legalities, I need to worry that if someone gets hurt running and the parent claims it is due to the shoes, trouble comes. Sad, eh?
    Now, we drop off shoes at our local shoe store which distributes them to needy countries.

  18. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says

    At my Relay for Life/Earth Day 5k this coming weekend REI is collecting shoes for Soles4Souls I keep an old laundry basket of my retired shoes to donate whenever there is a drive. I think it is such a great use of all my no longer race ready shoes.