Race day–not feelin’ it

This Sunday is my next race, the Broad St. 10-miler in Philadelphia. I have to admit, I'm not really feeling it this time. Not sure if I am a bit "over-raced" at this point, not in the mood to travel, or just plain tired. (Julie, I don't know how you are doing four weekends in a row!) It doesn't help that the temperatures are supposed to … [Read more...]

Long runs vs. marathon pace runs

In my last post I mentioned that I attended the RRCA coaching certification class. Well, I've now passed the test, so after next week's CPR/first aid course, I'll officially be a coach!I touched on the fact that one of my take-aways from the course was the fact that I run my long runs too fast. I'm guessing lots of people make the same … [Read more...]

What’s more tiring than a workout?

I suppose there are lots of things...new moms can tell you that a brand-new baby will wipe you out like nobody's business. Pulling all-nighters, for whatever reason, is exhausting. For me, my "more tiring than a workout" event this weekend was sitting through 18 hours of running lectures!I decided a while back that I wanted to become an … [Read more...]

Does pacing equal cheating?

First of all--wow--you guys love a good party! Thanks for all the nice comments. After that kind of response it was hard to think of a good follow-up, but I think I have one. To me, this is a pretty juicy topic.Not long ago, I offered to pace someone through a half-marathon in order to achieve a PR. She decided not to run it, so it didn't … [Read more...]

You’re invited…

To my 100th post celebration! Since we are spread out all over the place, I decided that I needed to throw a virtual party to mark my 100th post. Who's invited? All of my lovely followers and readers. Thank you all for spending a few minutes with me each week--I appreciate you all and love your comments. Keep 'em coming.Now on to the … [Read more...]

Awash in shoes

I've had a nice, easy week of running to recover from my 10-miler last weekend. I didn't run at all on Mon. or Tues, but eased back into it on Wednesday. I did a nice swim on Monday--such good recovery--and an easy trainer/strength workout on Tues. By Thursday's run, my legs were feeling pretty good. On Saturday I went 14 with my friends. … [Read more...]

Patriots Day is upon us!

Boston is but a couple of days away! I want to wish all those who are doing it the very best. Meg, Jill, Ana Maria, Lindsay, Ginny and Teamarcia in particular. I know I am overlooking others and I apologize. I will be thinking of you all on Monday and I hope to catch a few minutes of the elites on TV.Monday will of course bring … [Read more...]

How long can the party last?

I think I've revealed before that I am a master's runner (I'm 44) and have been running and doing triathlons for about 12-13 years now. Over the past year, I've had PRs at several distances--which leaves me asking the question: How much longer do I have to PR? I mean really, I've gotta think that after being at it for so long and being my … [Read more...]

Cherry Blossom 10-miler: The good, the bad, and the ugly!

The good:I ran a PR--1:13:18Incredible weather and beautiful courseGreat time with friends both on and off the courseI got to meet Tonia of TMB Racing with Babes (check out the picture--she's the stylin' fit chick on the left to my frumpy big 'ole t-shirt self on the right)A wonderful post-race brunch at my friend Sue's house with both … [Read more...]

My solution to GI issues

 A topic I read about over and over again in bloggy land is GI distress when running. By nature running is going to cause even those of us with stomachs of steel to have the occasional issue if we eat the wrong thing at the wrong time. But some of us, myself included, have GI issues that can really get in the way of running from time … [Read more...]

Tapering…and my giveaway winner

The Cherry Blossom 10-miler is this weekend, which means I'm in taper mode. I have a love/hate relationship with the taper. Sometimes I really look forward to it and embrace it, while other times I get antsy with the mileage decrease. This week I kind of feel like I need it because I've really pushed my training the last week or so. I'm … [Read more...]

Spring break in the land of the unhealthy

My kids began their spring break on Friday and it runs all this week. Since we were just away for almost two weeks in February, we decided to keep this week low-key. We also had several commitments on Saturday and friends planning to visit this Wed, so we didn't have much time for an escape. So off to NE Ohio to visit family it was.Before … [Read more...]