Run Like a Mother, the book (with giveaway!)

If you’re a Runner’s World reader, or regularly make your rounds of the many mom/runner blog sites out there, you’ve probably gotten wind of the new book Run Like a Mother, How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity. Written by running pals/moms/writers extraordinaire Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, the book delves into just about every topic running and mom related.

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Using a combination of personal essays, advice from other running moms, and fun anecdotes, the book delivers its nuggets in 26 chapters, with a .2 break in between each. I recently read the book, loving and relating to every page, and caught up with the authors for a chat.

Our talk revealed that the two have been friends since just after college. Both rowed at Colgate University and continued that pursuit post-graduation. Sarah served as mentor to Dimity in their early years of journalism and the two forged a strong friendship. They collaborated on a mom’s running blog for RW a few years back, which eventually led to the place they are now: full-blown book authors.
“Our goal with this book was to bring together this huge community of running moms and get their voices heard,” says Dimity. “We sent out 150 surveys to women all over the country to get their feedback.”

Dimity came up with the format of 26 chapter in homage to the marathon. “Our aim was not to put together a tough read, but to provide something that doesn’t need consistency,” says Sarah. “We envision this on women’s nightstands or in their purses–something they can pick up and read whenever they have a few minutes.”

Topics range from running partners to hills to clothing, pregnancy and everything in between. All chapters deliver solid advice and do it with a sense of humor. “My favorite chapter was the one on friendship because running is how a lot of women connect; it’s a big reason why I run,” says Dimity.

Sarah also favors that chapter and gives a big nod to the mental toughness chapter as well. Both found a great deal of fun in the chapter dedicated to “potty talk,” covering all the topics you think it might. “We encouraged women to give us too much information for that chapter,” says Sarah. “It’s stuff that many women don’t talk about, but it’s what we all face with running.”

One thing that comes through loud and clear in this book is that these are two women who love running and who have mastered the art of balancing parenting, working and running. “Moms need to realize that they are worth it and need time alone to pursue their passions,” says Dimity. “If I didn’t run, I’d be restless and maybe even a bit depressed. Once I’ve gotten out for a run, I’m much more content to sit down and play with the kids. Running brings me a level of contentment I wouldn’t have without it.”

You said a mouthful, sister!

Run Like a Mother releases to bookstores on March 23. You can get more details on the book and join Sarah and Dimity’s community of running moms by checking out their web site at Run Like a Mother, the book.

 Run Like a Mother, the book (with giveaway!)AND–Sarah and Dimity have passed along a copy of their book for a giveaway! If you’d like to win, become/be a follower and tell me that in a comment. Extra chances for those who post this giveaway on their site and leave a comment telling me so. Extra still for becoming a fan of RLAM on Facebook and coming back to tell me. I’ll pick a winner through on March 26.

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  1. im a follower :)

    i read their recent article in this months RW. I thought it was pretty itneresting on how they work everything out.

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    I'm a follower! Is this the book that Jill is in too? Thanks for the giveaway!;0

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  4. misszippy says:

    AM–yes, this is the one w/ Jill! Velma–not sure what was going on there, but I just reposted it and all seems well now.

  5. Running and living says:

    Looks like a great book!
    Love your arm muscles in the profile pic. What is the secret? I am a follower via google reader, if that counts!

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    I am a follower!!!

  18. I'm not a mommy so not so much for me. BUT I'm certain that it is a balancing act like none other.

  19. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says:

    even though i'm not a mom, the book sounds fab! would enjoy reading it, i'm sure. i'm a follower already.

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  21. ShutUpandRun says:

    Hey fellow Maryland-er. I grew up in Columbia! I now live in CO. Thank you for becoming #407. I will be #102 for you! My 20 miler was pretty good minus all the stomach problems I had starting at mile 8. Sucked. But I made it and now I can rest and let my gut settle down.

  22. ShutUpandRun says:

    I would LOVE to read that book. Right up my alley. So consider me entered

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