Mileage envy

As I check out everyone’s blogs this week, I am finding that I am getting a serious case of mileage envy. That’s right, I’m jealous of folks like Jill and  KC who are running Boston and other spring marathons. I read about their 18s and 20s and wish I was doing that kind of long run right now too.

The silly thing about this is that, deep down, I know I would have been very unhappy had I run Boston or another spring marathon this year. In fact, every time we had another mammoth snowstorm this year, I repeated to anyone who would listen, “I am sooo glad I am not running a spring marathon this year!” And really, trying to get the high mileage in during those epic storms would have caused me a lot of stress, so I just need to keep that in mind.

When you get down to it, I think I’m just a bit of a mileage junkie. I love the feeling of completing a 20-plus miler (especially if my husband lets me take a nap afterward!). I love knowing that my weekly mileage is in the 50s, that I can tempo a good long distance, and that I have a big event on the calendar in the coming weeks. I suppose that if I didn’t give myself part of the year to back down from that kind of mileage, I might not like it so much. And let’s face it, I’d probably get injured too.

So I’m going to keep my mileage envy in check and enjoy my little 14-mile long runs right now. Come late summer, I’ll be raring to ramp up the mileage again and I’ll do just that in prep for a fall marathon.

Any other mileage junkies out there? Are you behaving?

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    I am a closet mileage junkie! I have never run more than 38 miles in a week and that was during marathon training. I really hope in the future to consistantly run 40+ a week and I am slowly getting there. (I averaged around 20/week last year and am at 25-28/week this year). But when I see someone who runs 60 or 70 miles a week, I always get hit with a twinge of jealousy …

  2. The Sean says

    You just keep up the consistent base with the speed reminders… and when the time comes you will strike like a cobra!

  3. wannabewriterrunner says

    I can't help but feel envy and competitive when I read about other people running more miles than me. I feel like if they can do it, why can't I?

  4. Matt says

    I would love to be more of a mileage junkie, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

    I do think that having a down season, with a scaled back effort and mileage is good both physically and psychologically. I know that once Spring comes around, I'm itching to start picking things up again.

  5. Laura says

    Ooh I'm the same, I've not been running very long but when I see people running 100+ weeks and I can barely stay in double digits without injuring something I totally get jealous, I just need to remind myself it's all relative. And remember other people like me are probably jealous of your awesome 50 mile weeks 😉

  6. Johann says

    I'm a junkie but I'm lucky. I stay in South Africa so I can run outside throughout the year. You have to take care not to overdo it though, injuries come without warning sometimes.

  7. southofthecliff says

    Hello, my name is Josh. I'm a mileage junkie. (Hi, Josh!)

    Last week I ran 24 miles. To start this week, I ran 21. On Sunday. Because it felt like the right thing to do.

    I control my mileage based on an unconventional system I like to call the Vacuum Method. That is, I can run as much as i want, so long as I'm capable of vacuuming or completing other household chores afterwords. No vacuuming, no running. It's a brutal system, but the house gets clean.

  8. KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) says

    funny thing is, the same thought about i'm so glad i'm not running a marathon ran thru my head recently as i ran the tampa, gasparilla half marathon…especially when i came to the fork in the road where you the full mary kept going straight and halfers made a u-turn. i've never been so happy to make a u-turn. although i am qualified to run boston this year, i had no intention of going. my main focus this 40th year of my life is to focus on my swimming and finally do a full IM in october. with that focus, i put all pure marathons on the back burner. come monday, april 21st, i'll be sad to not be running in boston but there is always next year and i'll still be qualified : )

  9. Hannah says

    Your attitude on the 20-milers makes me so excite to reach that mileage! I am sure it is tough to have that envy, but good for you for keeping it in check. I can't imagine training in awful snow storms.

  10. misszippy says

    Josh–I can manage the vacuuming IF I have a nap. So I guess your system wouldn't work at my house.

    KC–You are training for a mega event, even if it's not Boston this spring!

  11. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    Yep – mileage junkie here. I was just telling my sister last weekend (and had intentions of blogging about it) that weeks 7-3 out from a marathon is when I am MOST happy. Love the miles, love the challenge of fitting it all in, love the exhausted feeling after a long run, love the exhilaration of intense training.

  12. Happy Feet 26.2 says

    One other thing – most of my local running friends get "burnt out" during the final weeks of marathon training. This is why I LOVE the blogosphere – many of addicts who share my passion.

  13. Teamarcia says

    I've spent more than my share of time cursing the weather and making myself promise not to commit to another spring marathon (until after next year, eyeroll). But when/if I ever keep my word, I know darn well I'll have mileage envy too.

  14. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Great post! The volume others put up (like KC) is so inspiring. You are so right about being glad for the blogosphere. Anytime I feel like being lazy I'll just jump online and it always motivates me to get of the couch and train!

  15. Julie says

    I share that same mileage envy as you:) I also hear through blogland about all of the marathon runners who are busting out big time miles. I am dreaming of the day where I will be able to finish sixteen miles:) I deal with snow here too. You are right…it screws up serious training!!

  16. KBam says

    I'm a mileage junkie in a different way than you are. I've never run more than 25ish per week, even now that I'm doing 16-mile long runs in marathon training. I'm not going to make it past about 35/week before my marathon, but it's working for me. Even at my smaller weekly mileage, I'm LOVING seeing the numbers creep up… And feeling the difference in my running and in my life. Whoo baby.

    On the other hand, I definitely see the perks of a fall marathon now that I've spent 10 weeks training for a May 1st marathon. We'll see what happens for me next year. :)

  17. Heidi Austin says

    no mileage envy here. maybe that is why i started this whole triathlete thing… my longest run is 2 hours and that leaves me entirely content!

  18. lindsay says

    Oh I am totally guilty of mileage envy, except year round :-/ I am always wishing I couldve ran more than I realistically have time for. My small problem is I am actually *supposed* to be gearing up for a spring marathon… Oops :)

  19. Jill says

    Well, don't be envying me girl, You know I've really had a hard time training this winter – as I do EVERY winter. Of the 15 marathons I've run, springs ones are always the worst!! Always. I wish they'd move Boston to the fall, I'd fare a lot better. I tend to get the mileage junkie syndrome, too, because I know I used to be able to put 55+ miles in a week but even at high marathon training, I just can't do that anymore at my age *sigh*. I don't get injured so much as I just get "overtrained" and am excessively tired. Oh to be young again. I have a summer marathon in S.F. and a fall one in Chicago and I promise you, the fall one will go much better than this spring one.
    Have a great weekend…you're a great bloggie friend, thanks :).

  20. misszippy says

    Jill–totally get you on the age factor, believe me, as well as the fall vs. spring marathon. I rarely do a spring marathon because I've learned that I don't enjoy the training nearly as much at that time of the year. Something about knocking out a 20 when it's 20 degrees!

  21. Meg says

    I totally agree, I get long run/mileage envy and it's so hard to that kind of running in the cold and winter months! I don 't think I'll do it next year, it's been a lot! Just think about how ready and enthused you'll be by the time you're ready to train!

  22. The Happy Runner says

    My mileage is never up there near yours BUT I totally get the mileage envy. I have a serious case right now, too.

  23. Nicole Joy says

    I am definitely riding the mileage envy band wagon as well. I'm newly serious about running though and I have a little injury I'm getting over. Remember, your biggest competitor is yourself! Always strive to be a better you. :0)

  24. Kristin says

    Agreed!! And my injuries are what tend to hold me back. But I love those long satisfying and impressive runs!