%$*&# alarm clock!

Talk about getting the weekend off on the wrong foot today! My little band of running partners and I have something of a tradition when it comes to celebrating each others’ birthdays. We have a great local bakery that makes the most incredible cakes. Every couple of months when we have a few birthdays close to each other, we meet at the bakery, do our long run, and then come back for birthday cake. Yeah, I know, kind of incongruous, but it’s fun.

So our plan for today was for the majority of us to meet up at 6 a.m., get in three or so miles and swing back by the bakery to pick up the rest of the crew for another 10 miles. I was looking forward to this run all week. My alarm clock, however, had other ideas. Maybe it thought I didn’t need cake, I don’t know. But suffice it to say that I didn’t wake up until 6:25, and not to the sound of my alarm. What the heck!

I jumped out of bed and began scrambling to get my running clothes on. I drove over to the bakery, making it there by 6:50. Started heading off in a random direction because I wasn’t sure exactly what route my pals were running. Luckily, a few minutes into it I ran into two of the girls because they had to finish up early. One drove me to where she guessed the rest of the group might be at that point and I jumped out to join them. I was happy for the company, that’s for sure. But I only ran about seven miles, I’m guessing, which means I now need to move my long run to tomorrow morning. I hate running long on Sundays–not only do I miss out on kicking back a bit tonight when it comes to food/wine, but I need to get up very early so that I can get the run in and make a 9:00 church service.

As much as I’d like to blame my alarm for the mishap, I’m pretty sure it was my human error that caused it. I was talking to my husband last night as I set the alarm, and it looks like I set it for p.m., not a.m. Grrrr.

Anyone else have a bad alarm story? Ever happened on a race day?

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  1. Sarah says

    I am awful at getting up! I usually turn my alarm off and go right back to sleep without even fully waking up. Lukcily it has never happened on a race day!

  2. Beth says

    I hope you still got some cake along the way. Sorry about your alarm clock malfunction but I'm glad you still caught up with your group.

  3. Barefoot AngieB says

    At least you got cake! Good luck tomorrow on your long run. I don't have an stories about setting the alarm wrong although I have done the p.m. not a.m. thing before, just no notable stories.
    I did however totally not realize one year that the time had changed in the spring and I went around confused all day thinking the world was off!

  4. Sherri says

    Bummer! I hate that! I can wake up to anything but an alarm. If my kids so much as turn in their beds…I'm up! But I can set 3 alarms and sleep through all of them!!!!

  5. Char says

    I've dreamt about missing my alarm on race day but because I never sleep well those nights I'm always up well before the alarm goes. I've done the same with the am/pm thing. It's such an easy mistake to make but so annoying!

  6. Julie says

    I am sorry about your alarm clock mishap. Yes, I have had a few of those in my life. Most of them are from my college days when I was over doing it and not getting enough sleep. It sucks to wake up and know that you need to be somewhere and you are late:) At least you have a good story! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Genesis says

    alarm clocks = spawn of the devil….lol.

    i actually kept waking up early this morning because i didnt want to wake up too late and not have enough time for my race….i ended up getting up way too early.

  8. Michele says

    Ah! The same exact thing happened to me a little over a week ago. Had plans to meet a friend for a run at 5am. Woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating at 5am on the dot! Definitely set my alarm for pm instead of am.

    Not the best way to start a day!

  9. Lorian says

    That is very frustrating! Especially because YOU had every intention to run and were looking forward to it. Argghh…not a great way to start the weekend! But 7 miles is better than no miles!

  10. ajh says

    I love birthday cake! Went to a party tonight but they didn't cut the cake before I left. :( It is ridiculous how much I like cake! Glad you met them for some of it.

  11. Cynthia O'H says

    Just wait. One day, you'll have kids and you won't need an alarm clock any more (at least, I don't; haven't used one in years. Really!)

    Glad you got your cake.

  12. ModernMom says

    Once again my admiration for you grows. Had my alarm not gone off I WOULD have taken it for a sign. Just gone for the cake:) lol

  13. Big Daddy Diesel says

    I set my alarm clock across the room< so I have to literally get up and turn it off. It works, but I still hate when it goes off

  14. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    I got my wife one of those fancy iPod alarm clocks you can set like 4 different alarm times … it is just to darn difficult to figure out. We have to set my old $9 alarm clock as a backup because the new one never works. We do this dance every night and as I sit her and type this I am realizing how changes need to be made (-"

  15. Johann says

    At least you know it happens to us all at some time, but it sucks. Moving long runs around and things like that is not great.

  16. T.C. says

    No alarm clock stories, but how amazing that you have a BAKERY along your running route! Normally, I love my rural location but this is one time I envy you urban dwellers!

  17. Karen says

    Never happened on race day but I did wake up at 5:45 a.m. one time when my running group was meeting at 5 a.m.! I was mad and had to do the 10 miler on my own! I think it's cause I turned my alarm off in my sleep! Sorry you missed a lot of the run! Hope it went better today! :0)

  18. Velma says

    This is the worst and yes I had it happen on race day for my first tri. Ugh. Luckily, I made it just in time. It was human error on my part, and I felt like a dufus. Live and learn!!

  19. Heidi Austin says

    ouch that sux… i think it happens to all of us. i'm so fried usually from the week by the time saturday rolls around i just pray i won't hit the snooze button lol.

  20. Kristin says

    I set triple alarms on race days! I do have my race day horror story, but not alarm-related. I am always up and ready to run on time, but last week, I slept in and messed my partner up TWICE!! (Or was it 3 times?) So embarrassing. All 3 times I awoke to her text message "Are you coming?" Felt like an idiot, and missed the run, laving me with that frustrated "I should have run today" feeling.
    Thanks for posting the giveaway!

  21. NY Wolve says

    I hate long running on Sunday. And I can't imagine doing it before a 9:00 am church service — that is hard core!

    And I am totally paranoid about alarms. I usually set two or three when I need one. Of course the 2 year old never seems to sleep late so…..

  22. Rad Runner says

    :) Well, at least you were not late for work, and it was not a race day right?

    When it comes to races, I get a bit obsessive with how many times I "check" the alarm to make sure I am wakeing up with at the right time :)

  23. RunKathyRun says

    I am so neurotic about the alarm on run days that even when it is set correctly I don't sleep well, checking the time constantly.

  24. Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) says

    I hate when I mix up the AM and PM. Glad you made the run though, even if only part of it.