Runvervals DVD review and giveaway

For anyone who needs to spend time on a treadmill, there are countless ways to make the time go faster. One of my favorites is using Coach Troy Jacobson’s Runervals DVDs. I first met Troy years ago when I got into triathlon. I hired him as a coach and got to participate in his weekly track workouts, swim workouts and group cycling classes. I loved […]

Creepy running

I suppose most of this post is aimed at my fellow female runners, but I hope it’s of interest to all. I was reading Sean’s blog yesterday where he posted about his close encounters with all kinds of interesting (scary!) wildlife over his years of running. It got me to thinking about my runs and whether or not I’ve stumbled upon anything I’d rather not […]

A barefoot flunky?

I posted a while back that I was hoping to give barefooting a try. I am almost two years removed from a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis that left me sidelined from running for six full months. After that was fixed, my podiatrist had me move into orthotics and gave me a strict order not to go barefoot. Ever. So I followed his advice and […]

%$*&# alarm clock!

Talk about getting the weekend off on the wrong foot today! My little band of running partners and I have something of a tradition when it comes to celebrating each others’ birthdays. We have a great local bakery that makes the most incredible cakes. Every couple of months when we have a few birthdays close to each other, we meet at the bakery, do our […]

Run Like a Mother winner!

I visited my new friend this morning and had it select a winner for my Run Like a Mother book giveaway. I’m happy to report that KC at 140 miles point 6 is the winner! Congrats KC–send me an email and I’ll get the copy off to you. Thanks to everyone else who entered and if you get a minute, check out KC’s inspiring […]

Leaving the watch at home

When I run, particularly in races, I am an admitted watch addict. I love to look at my splits, whether it’s overall time for a long run, or each mile during a race. In racing I find this particularly useful–I can gauge whether or not I have gone out too hard, if I am hitting consistent splits, and how close I am to hitting a […]

What’s your forte?

I did speedwork on the track today for the second time this season. I love/hate the track–nothing makes you faster, in my opinion, but man does it hurt! We did a ladder set, which means our first and last intervals were my all-time least favorite–quarters. To run strong quarters, you have to move those feet fast. This plays directly to my weakness. Honestly, if I […]

Rockin Refuel winner!

First–thanks to all who entered the giveaway for Rockin’ Refuel last week. I went to today to have them pick a winner, and–Tara at is it! Tara, shoot me an email and we’ll work out the details. One giveaway down and another to go. My giveaway of a copy of Run Like a Mother doesn’t end until Friday, so make sure you get […]

Run Like a Mother, the book (with giveaway!)

If you’re a Runner’s World reader, or regularly make your rounds of the many mom/runner blog sites out there, you’ve probably gotten wind of the new book Run Like a Mother, How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity. Written by running pals/moms/writers extraordinaire Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, the book delves into just about every topic running and mom related. […]

Mileage envy

As I check out everyone’s blogs this week, I am finding that I am getting a serious case of mileage envy. That’s right, I’m jealous of folks like Jill and  KC who are running Boston and other spring marathons. I read about their 18s and 20s and wish I was doing that kind of long run right now too. The silly thing about this is […]