Where have all the 10ks gone?

We have a great annual 10k here in my home town in April. I love to run this race…it’s a challenging course and brings out all the best local competition. I’m not sure if I’ll be running it or not this year because I have a 10-miler the week before. These old legs don’t recover like they used to!

If I don’t run it, though, I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance to run a 10k. Is it me, or does it seem like 10ks are few and far between these days? You can find a 5k just about every weekend, around here at least. There are plenty of 1/2 marathons, which has become a very popular distance. And there’s a fair share of 10-milers also–I can think of about 5 local ones here each year. But 10ks? Pretty hard to find.

I think that’s a shame. The 10k is a great distance to race. You get to try out your speed, but you also get a dose of endurance in there. It’s a perfect warm-up for later 10-milers too. I suspect what has happened is that with the huge influx of new runners, 5ks have become more popular and edged out the 10k. They’re more doable for the runners and require less time/commitment by the race directors. Whatever the case, I miss the 10k!

Does it seem like there are fewer 10ks where you live? Do you wish there were more?

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  1. Barefoot Brandon says

    Very few 10k's around me. On Active.com, I could only find two over the next 3-4 months that are even in CT. There is a cool 10k trail run though that I plan on doing this year, which will be my first trail race.

    Bimbler's Bash 10k

  2. jillwillrun says

    There are definitely a lot fewer 10k's around me too. But my friends and I are working on changing that. We hosted a 10K last weekend and have several more coming up. You're right, it's a great distance and it should be more available.

  3. Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) says

    There are definitely not enough 10ks here in Denver either. Like you said, there are lots of 5ks, but the 10ks are few and far between. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I ran a 10k. I really wish there were more because it is a really fun distance.

  4. jill says

    Yes, there are less 10ks here in Seattle and it is one of my favorite distances to race. I like the 5k, but its too short when I want to get in speed work for half marathon racing.
    I've thought about running a 10k on the treadmill and it just sounds dreadful!!!

  5. misszippy says

    Jillwillrun–Very cool that you are doing that! I'm sure people will be happy to hear it.

    Jill–I agree, a 10k on the treadmill=ugh!

  6. KBam says

    I've actually found that there aren't a ton of 5k's in my area. I've only run 2 in the past year – or ever, actually, since I started running a year ago. The first was my first race ever, last May, and it wasn't timed. My 2nd was in November, a race inside Yankee Stadium, so with all the stairs and ramps to go up and down, I didn't get a great time. I've been dying to set a good 5k PR for months and haven't found one! (I've also only run one 10k, so I agree, there aren't too many of those around…)

  7. ShirleyPerly says

    Yes, very few 10Ks in Orlando too. There are only 2 that I know of so if I screw up my first one coming up I'll have to wait until November to try again. Thanks for the 10K tips, though!