Let’s talk (running) fashion

At the risk of losing any male audience I may have, I am posting today about running fashion–specifically, a product I recently got to try for a run. This isn’t your ordinary running top, that’s for sure!

Not long ago, a local runner, Gloria Jacobovitz, and her friend/designer Federica Alemanno joined forces to form Red Pinstripe, a  high performance clothing line designed to move from the board room to the running trail. Like I said, this line is unique; the pieces are stylish enough to wear at work or out and about, yet made of wicking fabrics that move with you when running. They’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Gloria gave me a sample of their shawl-type top to try out. It’s really designed to wear over top of a singlet, so with it still winter out, I had to carefully choose my day to wear it. I’d guess this top would work best on chilly mornings in spring or fall when the temperature is going to rise quickly. Since I tend to be fairly warm when I run, however, I tried it out on an early morning when the temperature was in the upper 30s and we had some drizzle coming down.

The top features a hood with two different ponytail holes in back, along with sleeves that convert into gloves. When I started my run I had both the hood and gloves on. Because I was running tempo with my friends, however, I quickly warmed up and removed both. I liked this feature of the top–no having to stash gloves or hats. I also liked the material, and for me, the fit was true to size.

Things I didn’t like–the high neckline. While stylish, it was a bit too high for me because it led to overheating. I also found that, while the piece didn’t ride up as you might think, it did allow for a bit of a drafty feeling at the beginning of the run, which chilled me.

Overall, if you’re looking for something different that will set you apart on the roads (or in the office) check out Red Pinstripe’s fall catalog on their web site Red Pinstripe. If you’re in the DC/Baltimore area, you can also find their products at local running stores including Feet First in Columbia, Fleet Feet Annapolis, Falls Road Running Store in Baltimore, and Georgetown Running Company in Chevy Chase.

On another fashion note–for those of you who like to wear running skirts (I know I do!) check out  the Endurance Isn’t Physical blog. 
She’s hosting a giveaway for Running Skirts this week. Don’t miss your chance!

What do you think of the Red Pinstripe line?

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  1. southofthecliff says

    I see where they're going with it, but not sure they're there yet. If it's classy/sporty you're going for, I'd take the green to the neckline, but still leave the entire shoulder black. I think the back is nice.

    The high neckline is nice if you get cold easily. It also has to fit right, and that's going to be hit or miss.


  2. Julie says

    I think it looks good on you:) I can totally get the concept and see how this would attract runners. I like that it has a hood and has wicking material:) I think I would try it:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. jillwillrun says

    This actually seems like it would be the perfect thing for this time of year in Las Vegas. I'm always chilly, but not quite chilly enough to need REAL winter gear. It looks cute on you!

  4. Mel -Tall Mom on the Run says

    Very different.. I am always up to try new gear especially things that have multipurpose. Love the pictures!!!

  5. Anne Marie says

    Cool to see a picture of you!;-) and it's always fun to try out new running garb.
    thanks also for the skirt giveaway tip;-)

  6. Karen says

    It's cute! But not something I think I'd be able to wear either…that neckline is really high! Still cute, though! :0)

  7. misszippy says

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Josh–I think this is the piece for you, actually. Very minimalist!

    Wow on your time. I did them this a.m., started my watch, and forgot to stop my watch. So no clue on my time. I will report back when I go sub-4.

  8. southofthecliff says

    I am a stylish fellow. As I write this I'm in orange pyjama pants, gray thermal shirt, with an olive green poofy vest. I look like a moldy carrot.

    I made up all that time with the pushups. Normally I do them slow and steady, so I tried picking up the pace. We're going to have to leave Viper in the dust, I'm afraid, and take the next step to 21…

  9. lizardruns says

    It looks great on you. I'm the kind of person who wishes I could wear technical gear all the time (because it feels good and I usually spend more on that then my regular clothes) so maybe this is just the line for me. But I would need a zipper on that neckline too.

  10. wannabewriterrunner says

    That top definitely looks interesting but for some reason I feel like the fact that it doesn't go all the way down would bother me.