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I think this post needs to have the theme of fun. First on the list of fun things: thank you to Aimee at trirunveg.blogspot.com for giving me a sunshine award! I appreciate it and the colorful logo reminds me that spring will come some day. The idea is to pass along the award to other bloggers who have given you a bit of sunshine. That being said, I would like to give sunshine awards to Dash over at www.rundash.blogspot.com, Heather at runfastermommy.com, and Angie B at www.barefoot-angieb.blogspot.com, even though I know Angie already has one!

Onto another aspect of fun…after being away for almost two weeks, I finally came back to the snow and got to run with my friends again yesterday. We did 14 very hilly miles yesterday, slipping and sliding on occasion where snow had melted and refrozen. It was great to be back running with them!

Last on my list of fun is this little workout I got from barefootjosh.com. He got it from Viper, who got it from Steve, and so on….Anyhow, he calls it the 11 workout. You begin with 10 pushups followed by 1 sit-up. Then 9 push-ups and 2 sit-ups; 8 push-ups and 3 sit-ups, on down the line. When finished you have done 55 of each. Josh did his in 5:51; it took me 6:21, but I did have to get up for a minute and let a cat into the room!

Anyhow, it was a quick little core/upper body workout you can easily slip into your routine. I do a lot of core work, as well as push-ups. I didn’t think the sit-up part would be hard, but thought that many push-ups might be. I was surprised to find it ended up being the opposite–the sit-ups actually taxed me more, probably because push-ups work your abs as well. According to Josh, this workout is actually supposed to be done as 21s–20 push-ups, 1 sit-up, and on from there. Might have to try it next time!

What do you guys usually do for core work? Give Josh’s workout a try and let me know what you think!

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  1. southofthecliff says

    OK, just did it again. Only this time I lost count in the middle because I was singing along to X (She had to leave dun dun dun dun dunna LOS ANGELES!), and I may have done a set twice. So my time of 5:43 is unofficial.

    Bring it.

  2. Barefoot AngieB says

    Thank you for the sunshine award!!!
    I am going to try that core workout. I suspect its going to be pretty hard!

  3. KBam says

    What a cool core workout idea. I'll definitely have to try it! Maybe I'll be adventurous and try the full 21 workout circuit… Yikes.

  4. misszippy says

    Ok Josh…I'm getting my watch out for tomorrow morning, pre-run. I'll let you know my results! I think this will have to escalate to the 21s at some point (how's that for trash talk?).

  5. Monica says

    Amanda: Thanks you for the kind words on a bold pace. Your diligence is inspiring me. Congrats on the Sunshine Award and your PR!! So great! You are doing some nice things here on Miss Zippy, so enjoyable to read. When you write your first running book, we want an interview!