Yep, I’m addicted

To Trader Joe’s, that is. We got one in town here about two years ago and slowly but surely, it has taken over my life. I have plenty of grocery stores closer to home–the drive to Trader Joe’s is probably about 15 minutes–but every week, I find myself carving out some time to get to Trader Joe’s for items that have somehow become necessities. (Yes, this is going to sound like an ad).

Many of these items are things that you can find other places, but I like the TJ’s brand better. My must haves from TJ’s? Peanut butter for one. I love their natural, creamy unsalted version. Almonds are another. At TJ’s you can get a “half the salt” version, which seems just perfect. I also love their Greek yogurt, specifically the pomegranate and vanilla flavors. The vanilla flavor even has vanilla beans in it–yum! And my favorite dark chocolate fix comes in the form of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almond bars. They are sooo good. I’ve also discovered a lettuce I didn’t know about before–mache–which goes perfectly with sliced avocados.

I find plenty of staples that my kids like here as well. Stuff like cereal bars, cereal, oatmeal, cheese pizza, and a few snack items. A trip into Trader Joe’s isn’t complete without an impulse buy or two either. Last time I found myself absolutely needing their cranberry goat cheese log. And I always eye up a few “dream items,” but somehow manage to resist, because I know I would have no self-control. The maple creme sandwich cookies go into this category!

If it weren’t that I loved the food so much at Trader Joe’s, the pricing would probably get me anyhow. I find their pricing tough to beat. Yes, they have me, hook, line and sinker. Anyone want to run an intervention for me?

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  1. paceofconrad says

    TJ is one of my fav spots. I def agree with great prices and I'm an TJ impulse buyer to the max! Thanks for the post- just inspired me to check out TJ this weekend.

  2. Joanna Zeiger says

    I love Trader Joes and we don't have one here in Colorado. I rely on care packages from mom and stock up whenever I go someplace that has one.

  3. Lisa says

    I went last night at about 7 pm – it's the place to be on a Sat night! Ran into about three people I knew. Bought three cans of Becky's coffee – the Winter Blend with cinnamon and pepper. I was stocking up since winter will not be here forever!