This is why I run

I’ve had a bad week, relatively speaking. I always try to keep that in the perspective that it should be kept–I have a happy, fortunate life. But for my good life, there have been a few rough patches this week.

That being said, today’s run served as great therapy. We’ve been in the middle of a long, nasty cold snap here in the Mid-Atlantic, but today when I headed out, there were signs of a small thaw. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky, the wind was mercifully gone (it’s been brutal lately) and the temperatures were moving up. About three miles into my run, I was actually peeling off a layer because I was getting too warm–good stuff!

I was out there for a bit over eight miles and during that time, I was able to release some of the tension I’d built up over the last few days. I was able to process through some of the issues I’m facing right now. I felt like a big load had been lifted. My head was clear and I was ready to get down to work.

To me, that’s quite a payback for a short amount of time invested. It’s just one of the many gifts I get from running.

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  1. Staci Dombroski says

    I always love to get in a good run when I need to work things out. It is great therapy! I hope that your week gets better!

  2. CPBonWRT says

    You are so right. Running clears my head, gives me time to think, solve problems and lifts my mood. Some how things never seem that bad or impossible after my run. It keeps me sane. Enjoy your weekend!