The never-ending quest for pockets

I usually run about five to six times each week, and on at least two to three of those runs, I need pockets. There’s only one problem with that–many manufacturers of running clothing neglect to put pockets in their pieces.

Pockets, as far as I’m concerned, are a necessity to running. On long runs, I need to stash gels. On runs where I drive to meet friends, I need to stash keys. Sometimes I need both. I know that almost all running shorts contain pockets, but these are woefully small, especially if I am trying to stash two gels and a key. Some tights provide pockets, although I’ve found those to be few and far between. And running shirts? Forget about it–very few include pockets in their design.

For me, that means I pull out the same key pieces over and over again. I have a pair of Nike capri tights that I really love, because they have a great rear pocket that can fit a good deal of stuff. Another favorite is this great shebeest jacket, not only because the sleeves zip off, but because it has a nice handy pocket. And this Addidas singlet is a go-to piece in the warmer months, again because of its handy rear pocket (although I think this pocket is really for an ipod).

Cycling clothing always has a nice set of pockets in back. I guess the manufacturers figure most cyclists are out there for the long haul, so they give cyclists lots of great places to stash stuff. But I’m here to tell the running clothing manufacturers that runners would like some pockets too! Athletic clothing should be functional in addition to fashionable.

What about you–do you long for pockets like I do? Have you found any great pieces that deliver?

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  1. HEATHER @ runfastermommy! says

    I thought I would hate it…but I use a SPI-Belt. I actually love it, and the darn thing does NOT BOUNCE (which would drive me CRAZY…it's why I can't wear fuel belts!) Anyway, I can easily fit a gel or two, my blackberry, and my keys in there! I would recommend it!

  2. misszippy says

    Heather–I'll have to check it out; that's a new one to me. I too have never liked the other belts b/c they are too bulky, etc.


  3. Mel -Tall Mom on the Run says

    I LOVE LOVE pockets. Brooks makes many many items with pockets.. The one thing I do not like is when running gear has pockets right at the chest level….such silly placement.

  4. lvt4cats says

    Anytime I might need a gel, I also need fluid to wash it down with. That means I'll either be wearing my Fuel Belt, my hydration vest of using my hand held water bottle – all have pockets. So, for me, pockets in clothing is not an issue. :-)

  5. Stephanie Nichole says

    Hi! I found your blog through another bloggers page and I was just checking it out and saw your post on pockets. I'm obsessed with Gracie's Gear– if you google it they make whole lines of clothing with pockets. I really like them because the pockets are thick enough to keep out rain (and I've been soaked!) but then enough to feel your finger if you have an IPod or something. They're awesome.

  6. Danna says

    Hey! Great blog. I find the same problems. I love Pearl Izumi stuff- again- the cyclists in the company I think also suggest great stuff for their running gear. I fortunately have an outlet near me too. ps- My favotie find this year is my smart wool tank as a base layer. Love it- worth every penny. Keep up the great tips! Danna