Sometimes you just have to roll with it

Today my workout plans included a speed workout with my running partners followed by lifting and stretching. I’d then get the kids off to school and head over to the pool for a quick swim to loosen me up.

I got the run, lifting and stretching in. But…I packed up my gym bag last night so that I could shower after my swim and head straight to the grocery store and then home again to get some work done. I made the 10-minute drive to the pool, got into the locker room and opened my bag. No suit. Grrrr, expletive, expletive! I was really looking forward to that swim and so were my tight muscles. With no spare time on my hands to return home, grab the suit and continue on as planned, I drove back home and hopped on the bike trainer for 30 minutes.

While it wasn’t what I had in mind, I still got training in today. I’ve learned in my 12 years of doing triathlons and running that sometimes you’ve just got to roll with what the day has in store. You get sick; school gets cancelled; work deadlines call. You may have to miss a workout or two. And you know what? That’s ok.

When I first started doing triathlons, I trained with a coach (Troy Jacobson). Back then I was a fanatic about making sure I followed my training schedule to a tee. Troy taught me, however, that as long as I was consistently getting about 90 percent of the training in, I’d be just fine. I’ve found that to be true over the years. Just this fall I was sick during what was supposed to be my peak mileage week of marathon training. I missed several runs that week and didn’t get to make them up. I PR’d in spite of it.

I guess with age I’ve learned and mellowed. How about you? Do you handle missed workouts without much stress or does it throw you into a frenzy? 

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  1. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    Thanks for stopping by! Amanda runners are the best. I am in the perfect place to try a Tri..but I'm so nervous about the biking.

  2. Beverly says

    I've found consistency works in almost everything and is actually one of the main ingredients. It doesn't matter if it's training for a race or writing a novel or cleaning your living space, nothing matches stick-to-it-iveness.