Getting out of the comfort zone

One of my running friends really impressed me the other day. She is one accomplished runner and has been at it for years. Yet the other day she decided to try her first master’s swim class. Now, Pat has done some triathlons and is a regular swimmer, but to date she has always limited that to freestyle. By jumping into the pool with this master’s group, she’s going to attempt to add the other strokes to her repertoire as well. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! Most impressive.

I think everyone should follow Pat’s example and challenge themselves every once in a while. I say this at the same time realizing it’s something I don’t do often. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a hopeless creature of habit…I love my routines! But when I look back on the times I have gotten out of my comfort zone, I realize that these are the times that have really paid off.

Getting started in triathlon was one of these times. I had grown up on a lake, but never had any formal swim instruction. To do triathlons, clearly, I had to step that up. I also had no cycling experience beyond a little mountain biking, and running was something totally foreign to me. But you know what? I found something I love and have since become (obviously) quite addicted to running. Starting this blog is another of those “out of the comfort zone” experiences. I come from a print journalism background and love writing, but to write a blog? I’ve found I love it and I’m so glad I tried.

Next year, when both kiddos are in school full time, I intend to follow in Pat’s footsteps and try that master’s class. Can a 44-yr. old learn to do a decent butterfly? Only time will tell, but I bet it will be a great experience.

When’s the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone?

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  1. Evolv Rose says

    Way to go! You're right – getting away from what's safe and familiar provides a great opportunity to learn and grow.

  2. Beverly says

    Talk about comfort zones and learning curves. I'm not a runner–never was, never will be, but becoming a walker, one who does it consistently, one whose speed and distance increase is my goal. Sounds easy, but I really prefer being inside curled up with a good book rather than facing the very cold winter weather outside my window. And don't mention treadmills; I think I hate them. So why am I reading and posting on a running blog?? Because it's interesting to hear about other people's passions. And by the time I've read all the Blogs, I don't have time to take a walk! Run on!