When the going gets tough…

I had an awful injury last year, one that put me on the sidelines of running for a full six months. I had a partially torn plantar fascia and it wasn’t until I had a procedure known as extra corporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) that it healed. Fortunately, the running gods have been with me ever since, and I’ve been about 14 months injury free now.

While I was injured, I did my best to not dwell on it and tried to put a good face on my sadness. I really, really missed running…the essence of it as well as the camaraderie that comes from running with others. I know there were plenty of times I failed to smile through the disappointment. In fact, I’m sure there were plenty of times some of my family and loved ones wanted to clobber me for my bad attitude.

My friend Janelle, however, has displayed the classy method of handling an injury. Janelle is an amazing athlete, consistently coming out on top of her age group and often taking top master’s honors at races big and small. When she was sidelined for the first time this year with a fully ruptured plantar fascia, she rose to the occasion.

After getting her diagnosis and realizing she was going to be laid up for a while, Janelle didn’t whine and complain. Instead, she has embraced water running, riding the bike trainer, and other types of cross training while she heals. I’ve yet to hear a complaint. I stand in awe of that kind of stiff upper lip. It can’t be easy.

We can all learn from Janelle’s positive example. I’m hoping I will never have to face another injury, but the odds are that won’t be the case. If and when it happens again, I’m really hoping I can channel my inner Janelle and take the high road, keeping my whining to myself. I’ll do my best, that I can promise.

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  1. HEATHER @ runfastermommy! says

    that's great! I whined my entire pregnancy after the doctor told me no more running. I will blame the hormones :)

  2. Jill says

    I hope you hnever have to face another injury like that again…here's to a hopefully injury-free 2010!!! Happy New Year!