This weekend we received a whopper of a snowstorm here in the Mid-Atlantic. It was a classic nor’easter, which always means trouble for us. The storm dropped 22 inches in our town, a record setter for the month of December. Bear in mind that we usually average a total of about 15 inches for an entire winter.

In the midst of this storm I was scheduled to run a five-mile race in Baltimore. Emails were flying the night before between the six or so friends and I who were supposed to run it. We decided that our plan B, should the storm be big enough by Saturday morning to prevent us from getting to the race, would be to meet at one of our houses, do a run, and share some brunch afterwards. By daylight, however, it was clear that even plan B had to be scrapped.

I have a hard time letting go of my fitness in the late fall/early winter, but each year I do let it slide a bit. I think it’s important to let your body and mind rest, stay up a bit later to enjoy friends you might not spend enough time with, and indulge in some good food and wine. Yes, I’ll come out of this little rest period with my jeans a bit tighter, but I think it pays off come mid-January when it’s time to start a gradual rebuilding of my fitness level. Otherwise I would probably burn out or get injured.

So when the storm hit yesterday, I finally surrendered for the season. I wasn’t going to get that last race in. I wasn’t going to be able to get a long run in. Instead, I did a short 4-mile run at a slow pace in the snow. I slept until 7 this morning. Later, I got out my ancient cross-country skis and skied with two neighbors. I had fun.

Sometimes–especially when you’re type A–it’s good to give in.

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  1. jillwillrun says

    Thank you for this post… I was feeling frustrated with my plan of slowing down some (even if it isn't weather-induced) for a little bit to let my body heal some from 2 years of hard training. And this helped me re-focus and feel more content in my plan. :-)