Insanity reigns

When I run with my group of running partners, we’re usually pretty in check about pace. If it’s supposed to be a hard day, we train hard; an easy day, easy. There are always a few who charge to the front, even on an easy day, and we generally let them go. If they’re feeling that extra gear that day, great. But the rest of us will stick to the plan and restrain ourselves.

For most of us, this is the end of the season–a time to break from the hard training and just log easy miles. Our bodies need it; they’ve served us well over several months of hard training and racing. Lately, however, no one seems to be sticking to the plan. Our easy runs have suddenly taken on a sense of urgency.

This speed the group has been running–too hard to be easy but yet not hard enough to count as speedwork–has been occurring during long runs, short runs, and everything in between. I think it’s happening for a couple of reasons. A couple of people weren’t happy with their last races, which leaves them a bit hungry. We also have a few new runners to the group…sometimes new blood leads to faster running as athletes unconsciously size each other up. Whatever it is, I don’t think we’re being very smart!

I’ve been trying hard not to get caught up; most of the time I succeed. I worry that running too fast right now will lead to injury. And I know I don’t want that. So for now, you’ll find me (and a few others) at the back of our running pack!

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  1. Monica says

    Hi Amanda: Thanks for your thoughts and for stopping by our blog. Unfortunately, it has been neglected a little lately with the holiday madness but we are having fun. We(co-blogger Jamie and I) just went to see Julie Powell speak at the Philly Library(author/blogger of Julie/Julia and Cleaving) and her comments about blogging gave us some new ideas.
    I love this post…this is happening in our running group also. I thought it was related to/a result of the escalated stress (of an unsure economy) that seems to be lingering this holiday like an uninvited friend. There is a need to feel the burn. I wonder if the same phenomenon is the reason for the all the sold out marathons this year?
    I will add you to our blog roll, we would love it if you did the same.
    Happy Running!