When the going gets tough…

I had an awful injury last year, one that put me on the sidelines of running for a full six months. I had a partially torn plantar fascia and it wasn’t until I had a procedure known as extra corporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) that it healed. Fortunately, the running gods have been with me ever since, and I’ve been about 14 months injury free now. […]

Giving back

Just wanted to put a plug in for another blog…www.runfastermommy.com. The woman behind this blog, Heather, has come up with a fun idea for raising money for a great cause. Heather has put together a spectacular goodie basket full of stuff all runners love–stuff like Gu, running hats and a road ID gift card. It takes just $5 to enter the raffle, which will be […]

Weighty issues

It’s well publicized that, as a culture, we Americans obsess over our weight. This obsession is never so on display as it is at this time of the year. We’re all feeling disappointed in ourselves because we’ve overindulged during the holidays. It’s also a few days before the new year, so resolutions abound. Sure, statistics show that most Americans can stand to lose some weight; […]

ipod or no ipod?

I’ve noticed that many of the races I’ve done over the past few years have an mp3 player policy. Most, especially the marathons, have a strict rule against them. The race directors prefer that runners have their ears available to hear any last-minute instructions, course changes, and even traffic should the course be on open roads. In spite of these policies, however, I see a […]

The value of running partners

I’m happy to say that 2009 was a good running year for me. I’ve stayed injury free, my A-1 priority. I’ve logged lots of miles in all kinds of places. I’ve PR’d at a couple of distances, most importantly the marathon. Through it all, I’ve had my running partners. I’m fortunate to have a group of women to train with regularly. There are probably about […]


This weekend we received a whopper of a snowstorm here in the Mid-Atlantic. It was a classic nor’easter, which always means trouble for us. The storm dropped 22 inches in our town, a record setter for the month of December. Bear in mind that we usually average a total of about 15 inches for an entire winter. In the midst of this storm I was […]

Insanity reigns

When I run with my group of running partners, we’re usually pretty in check about pace. If it’s supposed to be a hard day, we train hard; an easy day, easy. There are always a few who charge to the front, even on an easy day, and we generally let them go. If they’re feeling that extra gear that day, great. But the rest of […]

To run like Connor

I love to watch running almost as much as I love to do it. One of my favorite subjects to watch run isn’t human, however. My dog Connor, a whippet, is poetry in motion. We first got Connor 10 years ago, when he was one. He became an immediate running partner and before long, we had him built up to some fairly long runs–sometimes 10 […]

Mastering master’s

As I’ve pointed out before, I run with a great group of gals. With the exception of one or two, all of these speedy ladies are in their forties, and a couple have even crossed over the 50 line. I’ve learned so much from them, both from a personal standpoint and an athletic standpoint. These ladies are wise! One of the things I have learned […]

I’ll admit, that was miserable!

I rarely have a run that I don’t enjoy. Some are better than others, of course, but it isn’t often that I just want it to be over or I want to shut it down early. Today, however, was an exception! I run long on Saturdays, so my Sunday runs are generally an easy recovery effort of around 6 to 7 miles. Today I had […]